Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Ice Melters

Looking for an effective ice melter for the winter season? Choose from any of the following guaranteed to leave you satisfied.




per pallet


Safe Step® Econo Blend Blue Ice Melter.

  • Blue colors crystals, easy-to-see for even applications.
  • Won’t stain carpets or floors.
  • Economical and effective melts ice down to -7° F / -21° C.
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor, 67% less corrosive than Rock Salt.

50# per bag

49 bags per pallet



Safe Step® Pro Series 550 Select Blend.

  • Won’t stain carpets or floors.
  • Melts ice down to -0° F / -18° C.
  • A quality and consistent melt for long walkways or large surfaces.
  • Won’t harden or clump; provides unlimited shelf life.

45# per pail

48 pails per pallet



Peladow™ Calcium Chloride

50# per bag

56 bags per pallet


Rock Salt

50# per bag

50 bags per pallet



True Temper® Arctic Blast 18” Combo

High quality, durable shovel ideal for both shoveling and pushing snow. Lightweight blade and steel wear strip extends the life of the blade. Helps remove stubborn patches of snow & ice made with high-density poly to withstand cold temperature. 51” length. 18” blade.


*Prices subject to change without notice. Call for more information.

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